Carnival of Venice

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As a tradition, the last few years we liked to go to the Carnival of Venice and to disguise ourselves as workmen of ENEL (Italian national electricity society), also with electricity poles on the shoulders. Up to now Enel Company hasn't forbidden us such a mask. On the contrary some workers of Enel or of foreign electricity companies wanted to take a photo togheter with us.

Every year we add something new, in the 2002 carnival we made false Enel helmets to give a touch of reality to a surreal mask (other pics of 1999 Carnival at the bottom of this page)



Long time before the possibility of free trade in the electricity field, we suggested a rival business firm.
The name is similar to ENEL, but, obviously, competition is competition, also in names.

Seeing us disguised as workmen of ENEL, almost everybody asked us to see light, so we decided to bring them the light....



And now some photos of our Carnival of Venice 2003.

If you shoot us some pics at the Carnival of Venice, send us them to the address, we will appreciate them so much.

CARNEVALE 2003 Pagina 1

On the train to
carn03-002.jpg carn03-003.jpg
In front of the
train station
carn03-005.jpg carn03-006.jpg carn03-007.jpg
Piazza San Marco


carn03-009.jpg carn03-010.jpg carn03-011.jpg
Wow, what a fine girl...

carn03-013.jpg carn03-014.jpg carn03-015.jpg
Fine girls like
brighting phallus
But somebody likes more
a bigger pole...
carn03-017.jpg carn03-018.jpg

carn03-019.jpg carn03-020.jpg
Two French girls


carn03-022.jpg carn03-023.jpg carn03-024.jpg
carn03-025.jpg carn03-026.jpg
Portrait of a Doge

Leonardo paints Mona Lisa
The best mask of the Carnival 2003
Leonardo and the electricity

Carnival 2003 Page 2
Carnival 2003
Page 2
Carnival 2003 Page 3
Carnival 2003
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Carnival 2003 Page 4
Carnival 2003
Page 4
Carnival 2003 Page 5
Carnival 2003
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